Doneale Feazell official Site launch By Steve Barket

After years of research and interviews about Tom Dillard I came across a very interest story almost 1 year ago. The story is about a Doneale Feazell who is currently in Nevada State prison for murder.

After many phone calls and interviews I believe there is much more to the story of this man and his conviction. After all the cop on the case was Tom Dillard.

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Tom Dillard has been involved in at least 3 other murder case that all pointed to Tom Dillard’s work, In my opinion Dillard was and is a danger to the public.

Howard L. Haupt – outcome state pays out and cost taxpayers millions

John Harrison West – outcome state pays out and cost taxpayers millions

I have just completed reading the transcript of Doneale’s trial. It was shocking to say the least.


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